What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small, harmless evagination of your skin, which is actually attached to the skin by only a thin stalk. They are like tiny pieces of skin that hangs from your outer skin. They usually occur, hanging in areas where clothes rub against your skin or in areas where skin-to-skin friction occurs.

skin tag

Skin tags are only developed after birth; their occurrences increase as people age. Approximately 25% of the adults are affected by skin tags. Studies were conducted and found that skin tags could be hereditary and therefore, could run in your family. The medical term for skin tag is acrochordon. Other terms used for skin tags are soft warts, soft fibromas, fibroma pendulans, pedunculated fibroma and fibroepithelial polyps

What causes skin tags?

The possible causes why skin tags are developed are the friction that occurs between two adjacent skin areas or when clothing rubs the skin. These skin tags commonly occur in the following areas:


– Eyelids

-Upper chest, under the women’s breasts

-Groin folds


Skin tags predominantly occur more on obese people as there is more skin friction on their bodies. Some children also get affected by skin tags, but they are more common in adults and they also increase as you age.

Studies have shown that there is a manifestation of inherited sensitivity to skin tag development. People associated with Crohn’s disease, there are usually skin tags in the anal opening area. Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy also enhance skin tag development, especially during the fourth to sixth months of pregnancy.


Skin tags usually come in the flesh or brownish color for individuals who are fairly skinned. They could appear wrinkled or smooth and in varying sizes from really small to a size as big as a grape. They are usually hanging from your skin, though some really tiny skin tags could appear on your skin.

If you get a Revitol Skin Tag Remover, it could turn reddish or blackish in color. They may also bleed when they are torn off from your skin. They are not usually painful as well as they are not actually associated with specific skin conditions. Nevertheless, skin tags are more with people who have inclination to have diabetes and to those who have a certain skin condition known as acanthosis nigricans.

Skin tags are not serious for anybody to be worried about. They are not even painful. However, when they occur in areas where there is too much friction, they could get irritated and can cause infection. Others grow in areas where they could be annoying such as under the eyelid.


A professional doctor could remove skin tags safely and without pain. There are other ways to remove skin tags such as burning the skin tags, freezing them using liquid nitrogen, using a scalpel, cutting them using a pair of surgical scissors and cauterization and creams like dermatend. After removing the skin tag, it will not grow back on the same area, but they could still continue to grow in other areas of your body.